German student visa document requirements for Pakistani students

You have desire to apply in Germany for student visa and want to know document requirements. To apply for Study Visa in German Embassy or German Consulate you need following documents. These documents are according to the requirements of German Embassy Pakistan.

  1. Visa application Form with 2 Biometric pictures
  2. Original passport + previous passports
  3. Admission letter/Case letter from the University
  4. Proof of Blocked account or scholarship award or official obligation/invitation letter from immigration office in Germany/Sponsor
  5. Your bank statement which proved with source of income
  6. Detailed CV
  7. All educational certificates with transcripts attested by Higher Education Commission starting with the latest degree, school certificates
  8. TOEFL/IELTS, German language certificate (if applicable)
  9. Experience certificates (if applicable)
  10. Bank statement of Father/Mother of the past 6 months with a copy of their ID card. If it’s a bank statement of a sibling then birth certificate/ID card copy/ B form with English translations, to prove the relationship
  11. Passport copy page 1 and 2
  12. ID card copy
  13. Polio certificate
  14. Applicants declaration
  15. Security questionnaire
  16. Travel Insurance
  17. Appointment email printed copy
  18. Copy of AMEX receipt

Note: Please make Two Set of Documents in this order, One with original form and original documents and One with photocopies of all the documents and application form as listed above.

Additional Information about documents for German Study Visa:

  • Visa application Form with 2 Biometric pictures (please take Completely filled form with Typewriter or Computer and with applicant signatures). Most of the applicants especially girls, fill forms with hand writing, which is not a proper way of filling forms. Hand filled forms are mostly not acceptable in German Embassy, because of un readable handwriting. Please download student visa forms form German Embassy website in PDF format. Then fill all the forms on your computer or print your forms and use Typewriter to fill your application form. Handwritten filled application forms are usally not acceptable. Second thing must keep in mind about Biometric Pictures. A huge number of people face problem in Embassy due to Biometric Pictures. That’s why I’m going to tell you some important things about biometric pictures.
    Majority of applicants just take photos from different photo studios. Which edit your passport size pictures and try to make you more stylish. These types of edited pictures are not acceptable in German Embassy. In photo studios mostly they make your pictures with shoulders and from a distance. In these types of pictures your face mostly not become recognizable. So these pictures are also not acceptable in German Embassy. The passport size pictures with your clear and recognizable face are called the biometric pictures. It means that only the pictures of your clear natural face without any Photoshop editing are called biometric pictures. So, when you visit any photo studio for biometric pictures. Than tell them that, they make passport size biometric pictures with your face only and print them without Photoshop editing. That photos will be acceptable in Embassy.
    According to my suggestions you don’t take passport size pictures form photo studios. Just complete all your documents and on the day of your embassy appointment, you go earlier to Diplomatic Shuttle Service point. Where you can find one photo studio shop in shopping area. You take your biometric pictures from there. Because of there presence in Diplomatic Avenue, they have better knowledge about biometric pictures requirement of the German Embassy. If you take biometric pictures from Diplomatic Shuttle Service point photo studio, than you will never face any problem in German Embassy regarding your bio metric pictures. Their charges are more as compare to normal outside photo studios, but their pictures will save you from trouble.
  • Must bring Original passport and all previous passports along with you to save yourself from trouble.
  • Must bring German University Admission letter or Case letter with you. If your semester in Germany in going to end or already stared, then must bring extension letter with you.

  • Bring some extra money with you. Sometimes you need money for extra photo copies or for new biometric pictures.
  • Must attach 6 month valid travel health insurance with your documents.

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