Learn Numbers in German Language – 20 to 100

The Numbers – (Die Zahlen)

You already learn numbers in German from 1 to 20 and now you need to practice from 21 to 100.

Bellow are the numbers in German language and with proper pronunciation.

Keep in mind few things, pronounce some words according to these rules.

V = F (pronounce V as F) e.g Vier as Fier

Z = S (pronounce Z as S) e.g Zwei as Swei

S = Z (pronounce S as Z, and CH with voval a,e,i,o,u will pronounce as K) e.g Sechs as Ziks

ig = sh (pronounce ig as ssish)

β = ss (pronounce as SS)

In English we pronounce like twenty one (21) but in German language it’s opposite. In German language higher numbers are pronounce like this “one and twenty”  (21). You will pronounce 21 in German as “Ein und Zwanzig”.

From above thirty you can pronounce same like you done after 21, like Ein und Dreiβig and so on.

From 21 to 100 – Von 21 to 100.

Numbers Pronunciation Numbers Pronunciation
20 Zwanzig 40 Vierzig
21 Ein und Zwanzig 50 Fünfzig
22 Zwei und Zwanzig 60 Sechzig
23 Drei und Zwanzig 70 Siebzig
24 Vier und Zwanzig 80 Achtzig
25 Fünf und Zwanzig 90 Neunzig
26 Sechs und Zwanzig 100 Ein Hundert
27 Sieben und Zwanzig
28 Acht und Zwanzig
29 Neun und Zwanzig
30 Dreiβig

You can also watch the video and listen the correct pronunciation.

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