How much will it cost to study in Germany?

If you have desire to study in Germany and want to apply for study visa. Then definitely you want to know how much will it cost to study in Germany? That’s why, here im sharing an estimation of the money which you should have before you apply to Germany. It’s an estimated amount which calculated by a student just to give you an overview of overall cost.

  • Attestations:

Board: 100+100+100+100=400 (SSc DMC+Certificate, FSc DMC+Certificate)
IBCC: 200+200+200+200=800 (SSc DMC+Certificate, FSc DMC+Certificate)
HEC: 800+800=1600 (Bachelors Degree and Transcript)
Foreign Office: it is free of cost, u just have to pay for the ticket which ranges from 5 to 50

  • IELTS:

Registration: 19000(IDP) +500(Bank Charges)

  • Application Process:

Docs photocopying: 200

Docs attestation from Notary Public: 500(2 sets), usually they charge 10 Rs per document

TCS Charges student package: 1600

Uni-assist application processing fee of 1 university 68 Euros (10,000 Rs depending on the Exchange rate)

  • Deutsche Bank Process:

DHL charges: (for sending the form to deutsche bank) 4510
Blocked amount 1207000Rs (8120 Euros. Euro was charged 148.6 with transfer fee of 1500Rs)

  • Insurance:

Adamjee insurance: 5100 (care package of 3 months)

  •  Docs photocopying, printing and Pictures:

Photocopying: 500 (5 sets)

Printing: 450

Pictures of different sizes: 1000 (about 40)

  • Embassy:

Visa fees and Emex Charges: 9000+500=9050

Transportation charges (from mardan to isb/Peshawar): 3000

  • Total charges:

Note: All the charges mentioned may vary in recent situation.