Packing list for students going to Germany

Complete packing list for students going to Germany.



Bag (35kg capacity) 01
Handbag / Shoulder bag (7kg Good Quality&can survive in winds and heavy rain) 01
Jeans Pants 06
Dress Pants with shirts 02
2-piece suit with shirt 01
Leather Belts 04
Shirts full sleeves (Winter) 04
T-Shirts Half sleeves (Summer) 04
ShalwarKameez 02
Track Suit 02
Jacket winter (Heavy) 02
Jacket Indoor (Light) 01
Hoods (Rain coat) 02
Sweaters 02
Banyan (Vest) 04
Pajamas 02
Underwear 03
Head Cap(winter which can cover ears but not leather, not parachute, cotton but water proof and wind breaker if possible buy one which is really warm and good 02
Muffler 01
Hand Gloves 02
Socks (Winter) 06
Socks (Sports) 04
Casual + Sports + Formal 01 EA
Slipper (Sandal type) 02
Chapel (For room or washroom) 02
Razor  Gillette 02
Shaving Foam 02
Perfume / Body Spray 01
Tooth paste 02
Tooth brushes 02
Hair brush (Comb) 02
Nail cutter 01
Shampoo 02
Cap for Nimaz , Jah Nimaz , Tasbeeh 01 EA
Quran Sharif 01
Leather Purse 01
Mobile with Charger 01
Laptop along with Headphone 01
Bed Sheet 02
Pillow Cover 02
Blanket 01
Umbrella 01
Hard Disk / USB 01
Extension Board 01
Calculator 01
Multi plug  (Very Important which can be inserted in 2 pin socket and have multiple interfaces, to power up laptop, extension, tube light etc) 02
Iron (Light weight for pressing) 01
Network Cable (5 meter along with RJ45 connecter for laptop internet) 01
Ball Pens 03 Pkt
Stapler 01
File Cover 02
Double Punch 01
Registers 03
Medicines :(Panadol, Paracetamol, Augmenton, Flagel, Calpol, Cough syrup, Gestofil Tablets(for indigestion, v imp, or Phakkietc) etc As req
Lota 01
Cup, Glass, Spoons & forks & Plates 02 EA
Cooking Pane (Small Pateela) , Frying Pan 01 EA
National Masalas 04 pkt
Black Tea 02 pkt
Green Tea 02 pkt
All Academic Documents/Degrees Original , All Professional Documents
Admission Letter + Air Ticket + CNIC + Passport + Insurance Documents  (keep in pocket as it is required on Airport)
Your passport size pictures in different sizes (make 6 sets), especially for Visa because after arrival in Germany, you need this for Visa extension Must Here 10Euro
You must learn how to cook chicken, vegetables, rice n Daal. If youlearn to make Chapaties then it will be also better but here u can get ready made chapaties also KokabKhawja Cook Book, so that u can do cooking according to it.