Part Time Work While Studying in Germany

If you are studying in a language course or in preparatory college, than you can only work if you have permission from Federal Employment Agency or from Foreigners Office. But in this case you can freely work during holidays period.

All the Students from European Union and other countries like Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can freely work in Germany without any restriction. They can enjoy same rights as German students have for work. But, if they will work more than 20 hours per week, then they need to pay certain insurance contributions same like German students.

Students from all other countries like Pakistan and India can only allowed to work with certain restrictions. I will explain these for you in details.

If you are studying in Bachelors, Masters Degree program, PhD or in Doctoral program, than you are eligible to work in Germany along with your studies but with these rules.

You are allowed to work 120 full days and 240 half days. But are not allowed to do your own business (self-employment) and not work as freelancer.

Full day means:- 8 hours daily

Half days mean:- 4 hours daily

After this, students ask question that how much money we can earn in these days?

Here students always remain confused because different people said different things about this. Some said that you are not allowed to earn more then 450 euro per month. And, some said that you can earn as much as you can but you can only work 120 days in a year and if you will earn more then 450 euro per month. Then you need to pay taxes and certain insurance contributions.

But according to my experience the second opinion is right. You can earn in a month as much as you can but you cannot work more then 120 full days. It means that if you will get a full time (8 hours daily) job, then you can work whole month but after 4 months your days will be ended. Then legally you cannot work further.

Usually international students only get mini jobs along with their studies. In mini jobs companies only offer maximum 450 euro per month. Because they also don’t want to pay taxes and social contributions on behalf of students. They want to save their cost and take benefit of this law.

Tip:- Students mostly work in a mini job and along with this, they also work in seasonal jobs. Seasonal jobs are offered by different German companies in their peak seasons. For example Amazon, Daimler and Volkswagen. Counting 120 days is very tricky.

Mnimum Wage Rate:-

In Germany minimum wage rate is 8.84 euro per hour. But you can get more according to your job, experience and skills.

Last but not least must review Labour laws for international students.