Procedure to get EU Blue Card in Germany

EU Blue Card is nothing but a residence permit for a person from Non-EU Country with permission to work not only in Germany but also in other EU countries.

  • Working Contract (with Salary from EUR 52,000 per year or from EUR 40,560 per year (shortage occupation including IT)
  • EU Blue Card Application Form
  • Arbeitsbeschäftigung (Employment Confirmation Form to be filled by Employer)
  • Health Insurance proof
  • Biometric Photo
  • Passport
  • Degree (Bachelors or Masters)

If your working contract is for 4 years or more, then you will get a blue card whose expiry will be after 4 years from the application. If it is less than 4 years, then its expiry will be 3 months after the end date of your working contract. BUT if your passport expires before your working contract or before 4 years (in case of unlimited working contract), then the Blue card expiry will be till your Passport expiry date..

You receive it after a month of your application. You are notified via email to collect it.
  • The salary requirement can possibly change hence you must verify it from some official website.
  • You must be registered in the city with your address before you go to the Ausländerbehörde of that city.
  • Even if you are on a student visa, you are still eligible to apply for a EU Blue card if you are fulfilling the requirements. You can also continue you studies afterward.
  • You can start working immediately after you submit your EU Blue Card application to the Ausländerbehörde.
  • It doesn’t matter in which city your job is, you can apply to any Ausländerbehörde of any city where you are registered.
  • Some Ausländerbehörde are very strict and only entertain applications with online appointments. Make sure you research about it to avoid eleventh hour inconvenience.
  • Further information you can check on official website [Link]