Studienkolleg application process

Studienkolleg application process

Here I would write some points to make you understand the whole Studienkolleg application process. To get admission in Bachelors you have to make your education years equal to the German Student’s Education years. All German Students complete 13 years education (Abitur) to get admission in Bachelors.
In Pakistan all intermediate Students have 12 years education. That’s why every buddy who is willing to study in Germany (Bachelors) must have to complete 13 years of education.
For 13th year’s purpose one have to choices.
1. Studienkolleg
2. Complete two years of bachelors from Pakistan
After completing one step of these two steps you can get easily admission for Bachelors.

Now we will discuss about Studienkolleg.
Following are the main Steps:
Language ⇒ Application to Studienkolleg ⇒ Entrance Exam (Aufnahmeprüfung) ⇒ 2 Semesters of Studienkolleg ⇒ Assesment test (Feststelleprüfung)

Where one can learn German language?

There are many different  language Institutes to learn German Language. Here is the list of good language institutes.

Which Language is enough or required?

B1 or B2 level is enough to get invitation letter from university.

Application to Studienkolleg:

There are different methods to apply for Studienkolleg. Because every Studienkolleg has its own application process. Some of Studienkollegs accept application directly but some Studienkollegs accept through Uni assist. Further info you can get uni assist website.
For application you need following documents (documents should be attested from Notary or embassy/consulate)

  1. Your mark sheets of matriculation and intermediate
  2. Your character certificate of school
  3. language certificate (Zertifikat Deutsch B1)
  4. Application form

Here you can get all information about different studienkollegs with names [Link]

Introduction to Studienkolleg:

Where the degree (baccalaureate) is not sufficient for a direct admission, the prospective students must pass the so-called assessment test(Feststelleprüfung) after Studienkolleg. So that he may be admitted to study at a German university.

The assessment test differs from study to college preparatory course. It consists mostly of a written and an oral part. Students are tested in the subject German and other required subjects of the chosen discipline. Those who have successfully passed the exam successfully, may be admitted to a German university. Prospective Students have to attend the choice to individually prepare for the assessment test (external examination) or a preparatory course. The assessment test may be repeated once.

The preparatory course:

The Studienkolleg is an institution that prepares students both linguistically and technically on the assessment test. The visit of such a preparatory course usually lasts two semesters, one year, and increases the chances of students who pass the assessment test.

The entrance examination (Aufnahmeprüfung):

In order to get a place in a preparatory course in Germany, applicants must pass an entrance examination. This is taken in German and usually also in other subjects in the chosen subject course. Due to the high number of applicants sometimes passing the entrance examination is not enough. In this case, the limited spaces of the preparatory course will be awarded a ranking. This means that the candidate who got the best grades, get a college course. Better prepare for the entrance exam so increases the chances of obtaining a place.
University or Fachhochschule?

Prospective students have the choice of university and Fachhochschule. Who wants to study later at a university, a Fachhochschule has successfully visit. Fachhochschule graduates subsequently allowed to study exclusively at technical colleges. Here Prospective students must make before attending a preparatory course to wonder where they want to study later. On this page the difference between universities and colleges will be explained.

The preparatory course prepares students language and academic skills necessary to the study. Prospective students must choose when applying a field of study. Based on this, they are prepared for the chosen field of study. Studienkollegs offer different priority classes.


M-Kursfor medical, biological and pharmaceutical studies

T-Kursfor mathematical and scientific or technical courses

W-Kursfor economic and social science courses

G-Kursfor liberal arts courses or German language

S-Kursfor language studies


TI-course for technical and engineering programs

WW Course for Business Studies and Economics courses

GD course for art and design courses

SW-course for liberal arts courses or German language

S-course for social science and social science course

Visa Process:

Bank process ⇒ Visa Application ⇒ After visa Application

Bank Process:

Bank Process is very simple. After getting letter from university you can open your account in Deutsche bank easily. So you have to send those documents by Post and after posting that in a week or 2 weeks you will get a mail from Deutsche Bank containing your account details.
Now the next step is to transfer the money which is 8640 euros . this money you can transfer from any money exchanger company like western union etc.  After transferring u will get statement within 5 days.

Visa application:

After getting  statement, you have now need all the required document to apply for visa. If you are applying from Karachi you don’t need any appointment just visit consulate at given times. But if you are applying from Islamabad, then you need an appointment. You can download visa application form from their official site. And you should also read required documents for visa process.

After Visa Application:

After visa application you may receive a call or mail from consulate or embassy. So don’t let discharge your cell phones. They can ask you confirmed ticket and travel insurance.
Next step is ticket and travel insurance. These two things you can get by yourself. One tip for travel insurance is that insurance begging date should be same as departure date. Now you have some free days during these days khoob khao pio mojen maaro plus Math ki tyari kro. Because everyone has to take this Entrance Exam.


Everyone is tens about accommodation but one single solution is that Studentenwerk. In every city you can just apply online for your room and you can get a room easily. In case you got any problem, then PSA(Pakistan Student Association) is there to help you but if and only u got in trouble. You will have guidance for everything but every process you have to done by yourself don’t rely others.

After Arrival in Germany:

Anmeldung(City Registration) ⇒ Bank account unblock ⇒ Entrance Exam preparation ⇒ Visa Extension

For specially those students, who are wiling to study in Kiel
Here you can download application form of Studienkolleg Kiel.


For accommodation this link [studentenwerk] can help you.

Anmeldung  (City registration):

For Anmeldung you have to go to this address,

AltesRathaus, Fleethörn 9-11, 24103 Kiel

How you will get to this place?

Bus stop name is Holstein Brücke.

Bus number 11
Bus number 91
Timmings are 7:30 to 12
If you go at 7:30 you don’t need an appointment.

Account unblock:
Deutsche bank is also situated at the same place, where you did Anmeldung. For this process you need your bank  detail and your Passport.

Entrance Exam Preparation:
You have to prepare yourself for Deutsch and Math. Everything you need to prepare is already given in this [Link]. You can find here every possible type of Questions asked in Entry tests. Some people got different type of questions. its not possible to answer every question one by one. So regarding this, I am writing some questions and their answers as well.
Q: How many Studienkolleg are there in Germany ?

City Names|KurseHomepage
Heidelberg|(M, T, W, G, S)
Konstanz|(T, W)
München|(M, T, W, G)
Coburg|(TI, SW, WW, DSH)
 Berlin|(M, T, TI, WW, W)
Berlin|(T, M, W, G, S)
Hamburg|(M, T, W, G)
Frankfurt|(M, T, W, G)
Darmstadt|(T, G, DSH)
Kassel|(T, W)
Marburg|(M, T, W, G)
Greifswald|(M, T, G)uni-greifswald – studienkolleg
Wismar|(TI, W, WW)
Hannover|(M, T, W)
Mettingen|(T, W, G, M)
Bielefeld or schwerin|(M, T, W) 
Mainz|(M, T, W, G, S)
Kaiserslautern|(TI, WW)
Saarbrücken|(M, T)
Glauchau|(T, TI, W, WW, DSH)
Leipzig|(M, T, W, G, S)
Zittau|(TI, WW)
Sachsen Anhalt|(M, T, W, G, S)
Angelika Wolter
Köthen|(T, SW, W)hs-anhalt – landesstudienkolleg.html
Kiel|(TI, SW, WW)
Nordhausen| (M, T, W, G, SW)

Q:   Which Studienkolleg is not for Pakistanis ?

Q:   which Studienkollegs are privete?
Dresden ,Glauchau , Bielefeld is from uni but one can do also as private student .
there are also some private studienkollegs you can search them yourself.

Q:  Should I go for Private Studienkolleg?
you should try first of all for uni or fhstudienkollegs
if you cant pass the entry test , then it’s the last option to do it in Private studienkollegs.
Private costs too much , near about 3000 Euros.

Q: what subjects are to be taught at Studienkollegs?
every course has its own subjects
T kurs : Math , Physics , Chemistry , IT , Technical communication , Deutsch
W kurs: Math, BWL , GGS, IT, Deutsch ,English , BVL , English
M kurs : Math , Physics , Chemistry , Biology , Deutsch , IT

Q:Are all of lectures in German ?
yes everything will be thought in German.

Q: is it easy to understand their lectures in beginning ?
yes its easy. Teachers are really helpful and cooperative , you don’t need to worry about it because they know you Language level.

Q: How many can one appear for Entry test?
in every one studienkolleg you can appear maximum for 2 times but try to apply in 4 to 5 studienkollegs for entry test , if khudanakhwasta you don’t pass it you have to chance to appear in other studienkollegs to take test.

Q: is entry test completely in German Language ?
yes .

Q: In how many time we have to complete our studienkolleg?
After arrival your countdown starts , you have to complete your studienkolleg in two years.

Q:what should we do for accommodation ?
Every city has its studentenwerk. Just google the name of city with studentenwerk.
You have to apply online for a room.

Q: how will we pay for our room ?
you don’t need to pay for your room from Pakistan, you can pay after your arrival in Germany J

 Credit:- Shahzeb Ali Hashmi