Visa Appointment in German Embassy Islamabad with new appointment portal

To study in Germany first thing which you need is study visa. You can apply study visa in German embassy Islamabad or in German consulate Karachi. That is totally depending on your residence location. According to German missions Pakistan, people who lived in Islamabad, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan need to apply visa in Islamabad Embassy. Similarly, people belong to Sindh and Balochistan province need to apply visa in Karachi Consulate.

Recently German Missions changed their official website in Pakistan. With this, they also changed their appointment system. In Karachi consulate they still have the old appointment system but in Islamabad embassy this new appointment system implemented. I already thoroughly explained how to book appointment with old appointment system. And now going to explain how to book appointment with new appointment system.

New appointment system is also very simple and easy to use. You can easily apply for visa appointment through this system. Previously you can directly book appointment of your desired date and get immediate approval via email. But now first you need to fill a simple form and need to give all your details to embassy. Then they will manually check your data and give you an appointment confirmation via email.

To book an appointment first you need to visit German embassy’s website. Then you need to click on Services from manu, which is on right above corner. Then click on Visa for Germany and you will move to next page which has all the information about appointment, visa fees and additional content. Then after first paragraph you will find link for appointment portal for both Islamabad and Karachi. You need to click on online appointment for Islamabad embassy.

Online appointment for the Embassy in Islamabad [Direct Link]⇑

Online appointment for the Consulate General in Karachi (Sindh, Balochistan)⇑

After clicking on this link you will forward to next page on which you need to select your desired visa category. For student visa click on “Visas (Long- and short-term)” and for document attestation click on “Attestations”. Then you will forward to the next visa category page, where you again need to select right visa category which is “Registration to apply for a study or work visa”. After that read all the instructions carefully which will appear in next page. Then click on “New Appointment”. Then in next page you need to fill the simple form with your personal details. Write all the details in Capital letters and correctly. Here is the sample of data:

  • Last Name: Ali
  • First Name: Muhammad
  • Email:
  • Repeat Email:
  • Visa category: Student/student
  • Passport number: Your Passport Number
  • Citizenship: Pakistanisch/Pakistani
  • Telephone Number: You Cell Number

Then you need to fill security captcha and click on “Submit”. After your successful registration by submitting your data, you will receive a confirmation email about the completion of the registration process and afterwards you will receive two more emails.

  • Within 30 minutes, you will receive a confirmation email with your reference number.
  • Then after that, you will receive another second email. Which is basically appointment email that contain further details about the date and time of your allocated appointment. Also this email will include two links, one to confirm the appointment, and one to cancel itYou must then click on confirm link and confirm you appointment.

Note: Once you have submitted your data for an appointment, please must check your email inbox, Spam or Junk folder for the confirmation email. Which will includes a reference number. You must received that confirmation email within 30 minutes after submission of data. Then German Embassy Islamabad will send you appointment email which includes two links, one to confirm the appointment, and one to cancel it.
Please enter all your data correctly and without any mistake. Your passport number must be entered in capital letters and numbers, as mentioned in your passport, e.g. KN9128374. Please make sure to enter your email address also correctly. Otherwise you will not receive confirmation email and appointment email.

⇒Link for old appointment system and use discussion and tips

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