What is the best courier service to send documents to german university?

It is one of the most common question which students ask. There are so many courier services in Pakistan to send documents to german universities. But majority of these courier services charges so much money. Which sometimes make difficult to send documents in multiple universities.

Today I will explain here the cheapest methods to send documents in German universities. The most cheapest and affordable courier service is DHL. The first thing is that this courier service is a german national postal service company. That’s why they offer a student package to make documents sending convenient for students. In this student package, they charge fix RS. 1700/-.

So you can send your documents through DHL with this student package. DHL is one the fastest courier service of the world so you documents will reach in Germany within 2-3 days.

Tip:- If you will not ask about this student package then DHL receptionist will send your documents with normal package. Because they earn commission on this normal package. So must ask for this student package. Second tip to reduce even this Rs. 1700/- by asking employee discount from the receptionist. If he/she also gives you their employee discount then amount will reduce even more.

Second most convenient courier service is FedEx. They charge Rs. 2000/- to send documents to German universities. Through FedEx your documents also reach at distination in 2-3 days.

Tip:- Same tip also use here and ask employee discount to FedEx receptionist. If he/she give you discount then amount will reduced even more.